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suPHP vs mod_php – pros and cons

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Somebody asked me in the past what are the differences between suPHP and mod_php and which one is the best so I will try to list the pros and cons between those two:

Performance related mod_php and by far the winner since it is about 30% faster than suPHP.

How do they work:


  • – for each request the web server opens a new thread on behalf of that user


  • – every request is processed on web server behalf



  • – the web server can be … threaded safe, and it is separated from php
  • – can be isolated based on user/environment


  • – you can use php_value and other php settings right from .htaccess
  • – it is way faster than suPHP



  • – you can’t use php_value and other php settings from .htaccess
  • – slower
  • – higher response time
  • – higher CPU load


  • – PHP safe mode it is not quite safe
  • – higher memory consumption than suPHP
  • – can’t be isolated based on user/environment

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