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Node.js and Sencha Touch Chat

posted by bogdan cimpoieru,
Categories: Mobile Development
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In this article we will implement a chat application for mobile devices that will work on both Android and iOS. In order to do so, we will need knowledge of Sencha Touch for the mobile application, Node.js for server-side and MySQL for the database. We can use this kind of application to communicate with other people …

WordPress Guest Posts Plugin

posted by mishu,
Categories: Web Development
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The plugin We are proud to announce that we launched our first product easily available to the public. The package represents a WordPress plugin that allows blog owners to accept articles submitted by guests that don’t have an account in the administration area. In fact we launched the product more than two months ago but we …

3D board game in a browser using WebGL and Three.js, part 3

posted by CAM,
Categories: JavaScript, Web Development
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Continuing from part 2 this final article will show you how to make the pieces move by drag and drop and adding some game logic. Note: Unless specified otherwise, the file you need to edit will be BoardController.js. Restrict camera rotation The first thing we need to do is to stop the camera from moving …

3D board game in a browser using WebGL and Three.js, part 2

posted by CAM,
Categories: JavaScript, Web Development
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In a previous article we’ve built the basic structure of our 3D checkers game and ended up with drawing a simple cube. In this article we’ll add the board and the pieces. By the end of this part you’ll have something like that looks like this: First, download and copy the content from the 3D …

Google Maps MarkerClusterer and Custom Markers

posted by andreea,
Categories: Ajax, HTML, JavaScript, PHP
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The last article I’ve wrote was about Dynamic jQuery Slider search. In this article I will search within some estates using a zip code and a slider for radius and in the end show the results in a map (grouping them in clusters). The final result will look similar with the following image: We will …

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