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Winter Holidays HTML5 Ads Template

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Or company just released a new item’s on Envato’s market place, CodeCanyon – a set of templates for ads. As we already posted before, we already had another item, the WordPress Guest Posts Plugin, but this time we decided to go with a smaller item. This product is in fact a small ads template we posted because Envato organized one of their “most wanted” contests for HTML5 Ad Templates.

Our intention wasn’t to compete with the other companies, but we got involved into this because it was our first contact with Google Web Designer. So this was in fact was a challenge for us, to learn how to use a new tool and create a competitive product with it in a very short time, because the CodeCanyon team analyzes each product submitted and only accepts the high quality ones.

It was exciting for us to get to know this new platform and to work with HTML5 and CSS3 also. Considering the time of the year we are in, we decided to go with something specific, a Winter Holidays Ad Templates package. Since we did not have the time for design elements also we decided to use a very nice set of icons found on PSDblast after we got the approval from the site owner. At the end we are happy with the results, and we think that the final product that looks nice, is very easy to customize and integrate in any website.

What can we say about this small package? It is in fact a set of 3 different templates for different standard sizes: 300×250, 728×90 and 160×600, made with Google Web Designer, that use HTML5/CSS3 effects. If you want to see them “in action” you can check this video. For more details you can also see our documentation, intended for potential users.

As we said, the item is available on CodeCanyon here, where you can see more details about this. We hope that you will like it, and we welcome any feedback about it.

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