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Below you can find a simple php script that blocks ip addresses. It uses a function (called iplong) that converts the standard IPv4 address to a long int value and the main function (ban) that checks if a provided ip can be found in a list of blocked addresses. Hope you will find this useful. …

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Somebody asked me in the past what are the differences between suPHP and mod_php and which one is the best so I will try to list the pros and cons between those two: Performance related mod_php and by far the winner since it is about 30% faster than suPHP. How do they work: suPHP – …

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Since today is National Day of Romania and since we are a Romanian company, we thought it would be a good time to start our own company’s blog. So let’s start with a little background. 1. Who we are? We are a software development company born in 2002 with the aim of development of custom …