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Monthly Archives: November 2012

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Developing mobile applications using HTML5 is a very discussed subject these days. Using only HTML, CSS and JavaScript sounds attractive to a lot of people because of the lean learning curve and the cross-platform ability. Two of the frameworks that make this happen are MoSync and PhoneGap. The open-source MoSync Software Development Kit (SDK) is …

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In a previous article I’ve extended the Sencha Touch 1 tab bar component to be used in a MVC structured application. After Sencha Touch 2 was launched some of the readers that liked that solution asked if it could be adapted for the new version. Now that I got the time to focus on this …

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We are very proud to announce that today we launched the redesign for osd.net. After several very busy months we just got to implementing a theme that was waiting for a while now. We are confident that the current version looks a lot better, it brings a clean layout and gives a better access to …