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New Design Launched

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We are very proud to announce that today we launched the redesign for osd.net. After several very busy months we just got to implementing a theme that was waiting for a while now. We are confident that the current version looks a lot better, it brings a clean layout and gives a better access to information for visitors.

Besides the fresh design we also focused on implementing it in a responsive manner to make the content as clear as possible on any type of device, no matter if it’s a PC, a tablet or a smartphone. The layout will be adapted to every range of resolutions in such a way that the content is kept as the main focus and all the other graphic elements rearrange to increase usability.

We found it important to make the website available on every type of device considering the fact that we are a company that focuses on web development for any platform and also native and hybrid mobile applications for iOs and Android.

We are very happy to announce this update now when in less then a month we will celebrate two years since we launched our blog that has become in a short time a very important part of our online presence.

We will also continue to publish here articles describing what we find to be interesting and/or new. Even if there was a long break from writing blog posts we sure do want to keep updating interesting content. For now I can say that one interesting tutorial is already prepared, it just needs some finishing touches and we will publish it.

We hope that you will like our new look and if you have something to say about it please feel free to use the comments form below.

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